What is Incentive Travel?

Incentive Travel

World-class Corporate Travel Management. As Canada's leader in the corporate travel planners industry, Amerigo Incentives offer fully customized services in corporate travel management, including incentive travel programs, event coordination and meeting management for SMEs and large companies. Our clients include GNP Seguros, Mazda, Ford, Pepsi and Volkswagen.

Incentive Travel Continued

incentive travel and event planningWould you like to foster loyalty and encourage the best talents in your organisation? Are you looking for an incentive tour to motivate or reward your team? Let Amerigo be part of your employee incentive program by producing an extraordinary travel experience your employees will remember for years.

Did you know?

Incentive trips, meetings and events account for 15% of all travel spending, and $240 billion in world spending according to the U.S. Travel Association. It does create 2.4 million jobs and generate $13 billion a year, according to the Incentive Research Foundation. Incentive Magazine’s Travel Survey says: Top benefits range from recognizing performance 62%, increasing sales 58%, building morale 50%, improving employee loyalty 42%, and fostering teamwork 32%.

Value-Added Tours

Amerigo offer value-added business tours in Canada, the U.S. and Europe designed to motivate or trigger action, as a reward for your employees or business partners. Our experts will listen to your needs and will organize every aspect of your incentive travel project to your timeline for small or larger groups. Benefits from Incentive Trips

Benefits for employees

Our incentive tours increase employee loyalty and commitment. Working relationships will be significantly strengthened. Motivates staff to embrace new ideas and to follow them through. Picks up morale and takes work enthusiasm to new heights.

Benefits to your team

New surroundings stimulate the team to develop positive attitudes. People will feel ready to work hard for future shared company goals. Staff has big opportunity to receive new promotions and rewards. High energy entertaining events can bolster team cohesiveness.

Benefits to your company

Will reduce turnover and increase your best resources’ retention. Shows leadership by creatively celebrate employee accomplishments. Creates great PR for the organization, employees will tell everyone. The generosity of the company will enhance inhouse branding. Boosted employee productivity brings a better return on workload.

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